City Winery Event
“A lot of you have been asking when is my next show? Well…It’s official the next live Aural Fixation music and poetry show will be March 5th 2022 at the City Winery in Nashville, TN!!  Tickets on sale now!!!!! /Nashville.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve put on a show here so I had to bring some family with me. The show will feature America’s Got Talent finalist, Apollo winner,  and Nashville native Cristina Raé fresh off the release of her new single. 

The show will also feature: One of the smoothest voices to grace any stage…singer, songwriter, and musician Desmond Champion

Poetess, entrepreneur and hostess her own show Therapy Sessions  Journee will be gracing the City Winery Stage.

Coming all the way from Austin, Texas phenomenal poet, author, professor,  and host  Brandon Thornton will bring his dynamic brand of performance to the City Winery stage.

And there is me…just a humble man from the east side of Nashville who is happy to bring the the art he loves to the city he loves more. 

Special thanks to Imani Rhema and Soul Food Poetry Cafe for helping grant me this opportunity and trusting me to continue the work that she began. 

See you all in 3/5/22 at City Winery in Nashville, TN!

Tell a friend to tell a friend to tag a friend and bring a friend. Help me make my first show  a sell out.