Your Saturday night alternative to typical ATL nightlife returns with Aural Fixation. If you have ever been to Aural Fixation, then you know that what has made the show great is the talent that has graced the stage. So what better way to celebrate that then to take some of the most talented male and female artists in the nation and have them grace the same stage Not only will the performances be phenomenal, but the expectation is that YOU will bring out your best! Ladies, you know that dress and those shoes that you had in the closet and you were saving for a special occasion or perhaps that outfit you didn’t get to wear yet but bought for that special night out on the town . Fellas, you know that event that you were waiting on to give you a reason to go get you a that new outfit? Where here is the occasion and reason you have been looking for. We normally give away a prize to the best dressed male and female, but this time, just being dressed well is not enough. We are awarding sexiest male and female in the building! So come with your best... we are looking for the total package Winners will be decided by a combination of judges and crowd reaction. I know you have been holding on to that dress and those shoes for a while now...so here is your reason to wear them out.

About your Host- Aural Fixation came about after its creator, Dichotomy, was told by various promoters and venue owners that there was not a big enough demand for poetry in Atlanta for it to be a featured event during the weekend. Tired of hearing this, he decided to create an event that would prove them wrong. Aural Fixation is a feature show that combines the arts of Spoken Word Poetry, Live Music, Live Art, Amazing Vocalists, and Musicians all sharing a single stage. The original purpose of the show was to take some of the nation’s best talent in each of these areas who may not have the notoriety they deserve and present them to an audience that not only may not be aware of them but may not have been exposed to the art in the way they present it. The event has taken on a life of its own. Held at an upscale venue 595 Event Space, where a full dinner menu and stocked bar is available, attendees are encouraged to make a night of it and enjoy of evening of artistry, dinner, and dancing. As always, Aural Fixation will not only serve as a live music and poetry event, but it will also serve as a fundraiser for Ian Weeks and the Hearts of Steel Foundation. If you have been in years past, you know what to look forward to if you haven't I strongly suggest making it a point to attend this year.